Knitting Camp 2014

September 18-21

Weekend Away

Imagine a weekend away with someone cooking your meals and making your bed. Oh yeah, you also get to knit all weekend!

Join us for the 6th Annual Needle Emporium Knitting Camp from Thursday September 18 - Sunday September 21, 2014 at Bayview-Wildwood Resort just north of Orillia, Ontario.

Love to knit, learn, meet new friends and eat gourmet delights? Well, grab your needles and join us.

Knitting Experience

Whether you bring a friend or two, or come alone, you'll enjoy the company of new friends with common interests and spend a few days where free gifts, surprises and interesting seminars by fantastic instructors await you.

Mini Yarn Shop

We take a small part of The Needle Emporium and set up a yarn shop at Camp. Yarns, kits, books, needles, knitting bags and accessories.

Fashion Show

On Friday evening we will be presenting a Fashion Show where you will see (and be able to feel) fabulous garments and accessories. After the Fashion Show there is time for you to try on garments.

You will have the option of starting your weekend Thursday night, Friday morning or Friday afternoon. Class Friday morning will be followed by the fashion show in the afternoon. In the evening there will be an optional seminar. Saturday is more classes with the student fashion show for your evening entertainment and Sunday morning classes will round off your class schedule.

The weekend is all-inclusive (except for what you might want to buy in the mini yarn shop) and it is full of workshops for you to enjoy while enhancing your knitting skills.

NOTE: This retreat does not cater to just experienced knitters but to those of all levels. For some of our workshops all you have to be able to do is cast on, knit and purl, so don't be afraid to join in.

We're limiting registrations to keep workshops small and personal. Registrations will be accepted on a "First Come, First Accepted" basis, so peruse this site, phone your friends, pick out some courses, circle the calendar and send your registration in today!


Option 1

Arriving Thursday evening

  • 3 nights accommodations
  • Meals: Thursday dinner
    through Sunday lunch
  • 4 workshops
  • Friday night fashion show
  • Thursday evening fun night

Single $1300
Double (per person) $950
Non Knitting Guest $675

Option 2

Arriving Friday morning

  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Meals: Friday lunch
    through Sunday lunch
  • 4 workshops
  • Friday night fashion show

Single $1075
Double (per person) $825
Non Knitting Guest $625

Option 3

Arriving Friday afternoon

  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Meals: Friday dinner
    through Sunday lunch
  • 3 workshops
  • Friday night fashion show

Single $1025
Double (per person) $775
Non Knitting Guest $525

All prices include HST (13%)
If you cancel before July 31, 2014 the refundable amount is $350. After that date there are no refunds.


Kate Atherley
I was taught to knit as a child by my grandmother, Hilda Lowe. Hilda was a legendary knitter in her own right and I remember with great fondness all the sweaters she knitted for me. We took them for granted - we wore them, we grew out of them, we wore them out - and then they disappeared. I have just one of her sweaters left, and I treasure it.

A family legend - sadly unconfirmed - says that Hilda used to earn a penny turning the heel of socks for knitters in her neighbourhood, when she was a girl.

Me, I'm a mathematician and refugee from the technology industry. I've written two books: Beyond Knit and Purl, and Knit Accessories: Essential and Variations. I'm Knitty's Lead Technical Editor and it's just about my dream job. I also do other freelance technical editing.

I'm a regular contributor to books and magazines, including most recently the Spring 2013 issue of Sockupied.

I teach regularly at stores around Ontario - I have regular gigs at The Purple Purl and Lettuce Knit in Toronto; and make frequent appearances at others shops, including Shall We Knit and The Needle Emporium. I teach at the Downtown Knit Collective's events and the Creativ Festival.

I live in Toronto with my husband and our challenging but mostly adorable rescue hound Dexter.

Sally Melville
Sally has been a fixture in the knitting community in North America for many years. She is one of the founding members of the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild. She has taught for me at different events over the years and is one of the most professional teachers you will ever meet. Sally has written many knitting books (both technique and for garments) including The Knitting Experience - The Knit Stitch, The Purl Stitch and Colour. Three of the best knitting books you will find on the market.

Julie Schilthuis
Julie is the owner of The Needle Emporium and has been teaching knitting for over 26 years to all levels of knitters. During her class you will come away learning the technique being taught as well as many little tricks to help improve your knitting.


Friday (9-11:45)

Toe-Up Socks 101

with Kate Atherley

Learn how to make toe-up socks on double-pointed needles. We teach you everything you need to know to work toe-up - from casting on for the toe, to working in the round to turning the heel to shaping the toe. Once you've mastered the mini, we get you started on your first full-size sock.

Knit to Flatter & Fit

with Sally Melville

A knitters who spends the time and energy to make her own clothes should be rewarded with a result that makes her happy and proud. It should fit, it should flatter, and there should be no mystery as to how this happened. But sadly, and too often, this is not the result. Why? Because the knitter follows the directions without questioning them OR makes the right garment and wears it with the wrong thing.

There are a few simple rules to follow to achieve a personalized fit and to wear the garment with something flattering. This workshop covers these with very visible and very convincing work done with your measurements, your silhouette and your wardrobe preferences.

Saturday (9-11:45)

Sizing & Fit - Or Why the Medium Never Quite Fits Right!

with Kate Atherley

The biggest challenge for many knitters when choosing a pattern is knowing which size to make. This class will show you how to decide - and set you well along the way to a successful and flattering garment project. We'll teach you how to read the sizing information given in a pattern, and how to decode the clues to really understand how a garment is supposed to fit - and how it will look on you. We'll talk about the different ways of presenting sizing information: tables and schematics. And it's not just about size, it's about style. We'll explain garment styles and fit, include demystifying the concept of ease - and show you how to choose the right pattern from the get-go for the best possible results.

Making the Most of Your Yarn Collection (Part 1) - FULL

with Sally Melville

This workshop is now FULL

6 hour class - all day Saturday
This workshop shows knitters how to use, manage and replenish a yarn collection! Participants will learn ways to use up bits of this and that plus those 4-6 balls of something heretofore unusable. They will also learn that they may now buy one ball of anything that appeals to them, knowing they will use it well. The elegance of the resulting fabrics, plus the fact that they look nothing like odd-ball knitting, comes as a very exciting discovery to participants in this workshop.

Linen Stitch

with Julie Schilthuis

When finished your project looks woven, not knit. Learn the Linen Stitch and the little tricks that make it an easy stitch to knit as well as how to fix mistakes. We will also discuss variations of the stitch and where the stitch can be used.

Saturday (1:30-4:15)

Fixing Mistakes

with Kate Atherley

This class will teach you how to spot and fix mistakes in your knitting, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert. We'll share tips for safely ripping out, and for deciding when you don't need to bother fixing at all. We'll also discuss strategies for fixing mistakes in completed projects, and addressing common mistakes that come up when working a pattern like missing an increase or decrease.

Making the Most of Your Yarn Collection (Part 2) - FULL

with Sally Melville

This workshop is now FULL

6 hour class - all day Saturday
The second half of the Saturday morning class.

Beginner Crochet

with Julie Schilthuis

Crochet is fast, easy and creates beautiful textured fabrics so what's not to love? In this class you will learn the most common crochet stitches. We will play with Granny Squares and continue with more techniques as time permits.

Sunday (9-11:45)

Expert Tips / Best Methods - FULL

with Kate Atherley

This workshop is now FULL

There's a broad variety of methods for increasing, decreasing, casting on and casting off. In this class, Kate will review four or five major methods for each, discussing the pros and cons, what they look like, and where they are best used. The class will discuss placement of increases and decreases to make finishing easier and make the finished project look better.

Two Colours, Two Hands

with Sally Melville

Two colour stranded is one of knitting's most glorious traditions. This workshop explores the techniques we need to make beautiful fabrics with heavy emphasis on alternative methods of using your hands (and even your neck) to manage the yarn.


You can download and fill out our registration PDF form and mail a cheque or money order to:

The Needle Emporium
420 Wilson Street East
Ancaster, ON L9G 2C3

You can also email or call us to register over the phone with your credit card. 1-800-667-9167