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Enamel Pins

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Glam up your knitting, jacket, or project bag with our unique pieces of fiber inspired flair!

Hard Enamel Pin

Gold Plating

Packaged on backed card in fitted cello bag

Alpaca $12.00 Out of Stock
Bright Idea $12.00 5 in stock
Black Alpaca $12.00 4 in stock
Black Glitter Sheep $12.00 Out of Stock
Craft Queen Pin $14.00 Out of Stock
Craft Queen Dark Pin $14.00 3 in stock
Craft Queen Light Pin $14.00 Out of Stock
Holiday 'Warm & Fuzzy' Mittens $18.00 2 in stock
'Just One More' Spinner Pin $14.00 Out of Stock
Knitting Bouquet Dark $12.00 2 in stock
Knitting Bouquet Light $12.00 2 in stock
Knitting 'Day and Night' Spinner Pin $14.00 Out of Stock
Make Wear Mend $12.00 Out of Stock
Rainy Days $14.00 3 in stock
Sheep Russian Doll $12.00 2 in stock
Slow Knitter $12.00 Out of Stock
Sip Sip Knit Pin $12.00 1 in stock
Spring Row Counter Pin $25.00 1 in stock
Warm & Fuzzy Mittens $18.00 8 in stock
White Sheep Pin $12.00 Out of Stock
Wool Wash $12.00 1 in stock
Woolly Bee Pin $12.00 Out of Stock
Yarnaholic $12.00 Out of Stock

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