Botanic Shawl

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This triangular shawl is knit sideways starting with a tiny corner increasing to the border. Stripes and slipped stitches decorate the linear lines of the fabric. One solid yarn combined with one self-striping yarn produce an exciting project that’s easy to knit and fascinating to watch the colors unfold. This pattern is a great beginner shawl project with simple stitches. You can stop early for a smaller shawl or knit more repeats for a larger shawl.

For our kits we used Le Petit Lambswool and Zauberball Crazy. Very Light Green and 2355

The pattern is not included in the kit. You can purchase from Stephen West or on Ravelry.

The two balls of Zauberball Crazy could be different lots - we used different lots in our sample and you can’t see the difference. If you want both balls to be the same lot please make a note in your order and we will contact you if we can not accommodate this.

Very Light Green and 2355 $114.85 2 in stock
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Dark Violet Blue and 2095 $114.85 Out of Stock
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Medium Blue and 2332 $114.85 1 in stock
Medium Grey and 2475 $114.85 1 in stock
Green/Pink/Turq and 2404 $120.85 1 in stock
Soft Blue Green and 2427 $120.85 3 in stock
Dark Blue Black and 2427 $120.85 1 in stock
Rose Grey and 2170 $120.85 1 in stock
Soft Gold and 2266 $120.85 3 in stock

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