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Killer Queen Cowl

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From the designer Mary Annabella

A generously sized, asymmetrical cowl worked on the bias with 3 different stitch patterns--a great way to show off a variegated colorway on a semi-solid background and add a bit of glam rock to your neck and shoulders.
The neckline is even engineered to taper a bit towards the neck to reduce the amount of bulk at the neck but still fit easily over your head.
There are 2 options for finishing the cowl: It may be sewn together at the edges, or you can add buttons and after-thought buttonholes with a crochet hook when the piece is finished.

Our kits are made with Malabrigo Rios. Malabrigo Rios is hand dyed and every skein is different. The skeins you receive might look different than the skeins pictured.

The pattern is not included in the kit. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.


Reflecting - Reflecting Pool and Queguay (colours of the sample pictured)

Diana - Pearl Ten and Diana

Hollyhock - Hollyhock and Arco Iris

Pearl - Pearl Ten and Arco Iris

Frank - Frank Ochre and Diana

Valentina - Valentina and Tranquilo

Gray - Cirrus Gray and Aniversario

Yerba - Yerba and Zarzamora

Piedras - Coco and Piedras

Primavera - Coco and Primavera

Pearl An - Pearl Ten and Aniversario

Lettuce - Lettuce and Sabiduria

Grain - Whole Grain and Cielo Y Tierra

Denim 1 - Denim and Piedras

Denim 2 - Denim and Pocion

Coral - Living Coral and Archangel

Reflecting $73.50 21 in stock
Diana $73.50 4 in stock
Hollyhock $73.50 6 in stock
Pearl $73.50 4 in stock
Frank $73.50 3 in stock
Valentina $73.50 5 in stock
Gray $73.50 8 in stock
Yerba $73.50 8 in stock
Piedras $73.50 8 in stock
Primavera $73.50 8 in stock
Pearl An $73.50 4 in stock
Lettuce $73.50 5 in stock
Grain $70.50 9 in stock
Denim 1 $73.50 7 in stock
Denim 2 $73.50 7 in stock
Coral $73.50 5 in stock

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