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Double Wrap Shawl Cuff

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Both functional and fashionable, this raw leather cuff is the perfect accessory for holding your shawl in place or adding a touch of style to your cowl. With one sturdy closure, you can snap and go! And the best part? They won't snag your beautiful knits!

Our braided cuffs measure approximately 8.5" / 21.5cm and are designed for DK/worsted weight and heavier shawls. 

Although our raw leather cuffs are made from new materials, each cuff is unique and one of a kind. Our cuffs close with a new, sturdy, metal snap.

Cool Blue (teal) with Nickel $30.00 Out of Stock
Electric Purple with Copper $30.00 1 in stock
Electric Red with Nickel $30.00 1 in stock
Fern Green with Brass $30.00 Out of Stock
Rocket Blue (navy) with Brass $30.00 Out of Stock
Black with Copper Snap $30.00 3 in stock
Black with Nickel Snap $30.00 Out of Stock
Merlot with Copper Snap $30.00 2 in stock
Black with Antique Nickel Snap $30.00 1 in stock
Purple with Nickel $30.00 1 in stock
Black with Antique Nickel $30.00 2 in stock

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