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Same But Different

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This shawl was designed by Cheryl Faust

Same, but Different is a bandana style cowl, knit flat from the top down, similar to a triangular shawl. The distinctive patterning is simple to create, using the mosaic knitting technique. Carefully designed to integrate seamlessly from top to bottom, those captivating spine stitches are the prominent characteristic of Same but Different! But wait, there’s more … SBD also features a split seam at the back and a continuous I-cord bind off, for a beautiful and professional looking finish.

The pattern is not included in the kit. You can purchase it on Ravelry.

Our kits contain one ball of Rowan Felted Tweed and one skein of Spincycle Dream State. Please note that Dream State is hand spun and hand dyed and your skein could look different than the skein pictured.

Our sample was knit with 177 & Neveruary.

177/Never $60.00 $65.50 Over 25 in stock
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