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Cinnabar Shawl - Versus and Dyed in the Wool

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Designed by Andrea Mowry

Garter and brioche will always be my go-to ingredients for creating my favorite shawls to knit and wear! This shawl plays with two-color Garter and Brioche with the increases offset to create an asymmetrical shawl that wants to be wrapped right around you! This shawl turns up the volume on texture by using DK weight yarn in one color and Sport weight yarn in the other color!

Kits combine Spincycle Versus and Dyed in the Wool

Versus colours used 

S&S - Slow and Steady

F&F - Forgive and Forget

Flora - Flora & Fauna

N&T - Now and Then 

T&T - Time and Tide

T&S - Tea and Shade

The pattern is not included in the kit. You can purchase it on Andrea Mowry’s website or on Ravelry.

Dyed in the Wool -  You will receive skeins from this colorway, but not the exact skein pictured. • Due to Spincycle’s “dyed in the wool” process, each skein they produce is unique, even within a dyelot. We will do our best to match the skeins.

The colours in the kit could look different than our pictures. If you would like to see the skeins before you order please email us for a picture.

Shawl photos © Andrea Mowry

S&S with Devilish Grin $282.50 5 in stock
S&S with Good Omen $282.50 5 in stock
F&F with The Meadows $282.50 4 in stock
S&S with Lapis $282.50 5 in stock
F&F with Wololo $282.50 4 in stock
N&T with Midsommar $282.50 2 in stock
T&T with Close Call $282.50 3 in stock
T&S with Melancholia $290.00 4 in stock
Flora and Mississippi $282.50 8 in stock
Flora and Absolute $282.50 8 in stock
T&T with Verba Volant $290.00 3 in stock

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