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After a decade of operating exclusively as a handspinnery, we set our sights on finding a way to merge the beauty and texture of a handspun yarn with a more efficiently produced millspun yarn. Dyed In The Wool is that yarn.

Our mill is located on Queen Street in Bellingham, Washington, and runs seven days a week. We dye in-house as well, in the same fashion we used to dye when we were handspinning. Our pots are bigger, though! Because we dye the fiber before it's spun, colors meet and part ways in stunning, unique combinations; the overall effect is of a balanced, seamless whole.

Our colour transitions are slow and dramatic, and each skein is unique. Lots  - and even skeins within lots - vary pretty wildly! That's our charm and it won't change!  It is strongly recommended that you purchase all skeins at once so that we can make sure they match well. Allow for nuance, and enjoy the ride.

You will receive a skein from this colorway, but not the exact skein pictured. • Due to Spincycle’s “dyed in the wool” process, each skein produced is unique, even within a dyelot. • If you have specific color preferences, please leave a note in the box at checkout or contact us with questions. • We recommend buying your entire yardage requirement for your project in the same transaction, so that we can hand select skeins that match.

Please note: There are no dye lots and skeins may vary. The yarn colour you receive may look different than the colour pictured.

If you order more than one skein we will try our best to match skeins. 

sport weight // 100% superwashed American Wool // 200 yards per skein // hand wash or machine wash cold, lay flat to dry // suggested gauge: 8-5 sts per inch on US #2-7 // MADE IN THE USA FROM SHEEP TO SKEIN

Absolute Zero $43.50 10 in stock
Absolute Zero - very dark $43.50 10 in stock
Afternoon Delight $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Bright Idea $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Bruised Ego $43.50 20 in stock
Burning Sensation $43.50 13 in stock
Castaway $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Cold Comfort $43.50 25 in stock
Close Call $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Dead Reckoning $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Deep Bump $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Devilish Grin $43.50 1 in stock
Every Rose $43.50 20 in stock
Every Rose - A $43.50 14 in stock
Frosty Nights $43.50 8 in stock
Ghost Ranch $43.50 7 in stock
Good Omen $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Grumpy Birds $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Idle Nights $43.50 7 in stock
Lapis $43.50 19 in stock
Leith $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Love Spell $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Light-Years $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Melancholia $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Midsommar $43.50 15 in stock
Miss Me $43.50 23 in stock
Mississippi Marsala $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Neveruary $43.50 18 in stock
Nostalgia $43.50 22 in stock
Overshadow $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Pick Your Poison $43.50 18 in stock
Ranunculus $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Robin’s Egg $43.50 22 in stock
Rosy Maple $43.50 19 in stock
Rusted Rainbow $43.50 23 in stock
Salty Dog $43.50 10 in stock
Shades of Earth $43.50 18 in stock
Space Oddity $43.50 20 in stock
Stay Out Of The Forest $43.50 22 in stock
Stay Ready $43.50 12 in stock
Sugar High $43.50 22 in stock
Summer Love $43.50 12 in stock
Sunset Strip $43.50 10 in stock
The Castle $43.50 Over 25 in stock
The Family Jewels $43.50 Over 25 in stock
The Meadows $43.50 25 in stock
The Saddest Place $43.50 13 in stock
Truth Bomb $43.50 19 in stock
Wallflower $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Wololo $43.50 12 in stock
Valley Girl $43.50 Over 25 in stock
Valley Girl - B $43.50 Out of Stock
Valley Girl - E $43.50 4 in stock
Valley Girl - F $43.50 5 in stock
Verba Volant $43.50 Over 25 in stock

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