Lantern Moon

LM 5” Interchangeable Tips

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Lantern Moon’s interchangeable circular knitting needles are made of Ebony wood, one of the world’s most valuable materials. The liquid silk finish of these lightweight interchangeable circular needles and the 24K finish on the brass connector, guarantees snag-free knitting. The interchangeable circular needle’s smooth cord never twists thanks to a swivel connector, and it lies flat for easy storage.  Smoothly honed and shaped needle tips work well with all yarns.

These tips are 5” in length. 

3mm $22.00 7 in stock
3.25mm $22.00 5 in stock
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4mm $22.00 7 in stock
4.5mm $22.00 3 in stock
5mm $22.00 4 in stock
5.5mm $25.00 2 in stock
6mm $25.00 2 in stock
6.5mm $25.00 Out of Stock
7mm $25.00 2 in stock
8mm $25.00 3 in stock
9mm $27.00 1 in stock
10mm $27.00 3 in stock
12mm $29.00 3 in stock

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