Layers Stuff

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Layers Stuff takes Stuff to a whole new level. Each of our Layers colors are available in this updated take on our venerable favorite. Layers Stuff is similar in composition to Wild Stuff, but has no eyelash. You will find plenty of texture and glitz, 150 yds in a half skein. Our family of Stuff remains the standard toward which other hand tied yarns strive. The colors are glorious; combining our carefully chosen palettes allows you to create with Stuff in a way you never could before.

  • Content: Rayon, cotton, nylon, kid mohair, bamboo, Tencel, wool, cashmere, silk
  • Put-up: 150 yds/3-4 oz (Half Skein)
  • Gauge: 4.5 sts = 1" #8 needle

Agean $60.00 $67.50 Out of Stock
Bittersweet $60.00 $67.50 1 in stock
Bracken $60.00 $67.50 Out of Stock
Concord $60.00 $67.50 1 in stock
Hibiscus $60.00 $67.50 1 in stock
Juniper $60.00 $67.50 Out of Stock
Loam $60.00 $67.50 4 in stock
Malachite $60.00 $67.50 Out of Stock
Platinum $60.00 $67.50 Out of Stock
Plumberry $60.00 $67.50 Out of Stock
Steel $60.00 $67.50 Out of Stock
Straw $60.00 $67.50 1 in stock

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