Soak Wash

Minnie Basin Handwashing Kit

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What is it: This bright little helper likes to focus on the small stuff: masks, bras and swimsuits fit just right in her compact shape. Hand wash in style with this small but mighty Soak system. This colour coordinated set includes a Minnie 5L basin and a full size bottle of Soak.

• fade resistant, frost resistant, UV resistant
• child-safe, food safe
• unique beveled edges for easy pouring

Minnie Basin
Dimensions: 12” (30cm) wide x
4” (10cm) tall
Capacity: 5 Liters / 1.3 US Gallons

Full Size Soak
12oz / 375 mL, 75+ washes

How it works: Just Soak (scrub for masks!) and squeeze.
• Wash face masks in hot water and scrub for 20 seconds, squeeze and dry.
• Between washes use your basin to store your face masks and other small items.

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