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Overall Buckle

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The nostalgic overall buckle is a favourite. With various sizes its a great options for shawls of all weights.

Our leather is tanned with oil leaving it soft and pliable yet durable and resistant to the harsh elements. The pronounced grain gives character to each piece. Over time your leather may look dry and dull. We suggest rubbing a bit of some Mink oil or some animal fat on to rehydrate the leather.

Made in Manitoba.

Leather colours vary from hide to hide. We hand pick our hides to try keep the consistency between our browns.

Black / 1” / Antique Brass $40.00 2 in stock
Black / 1.5” / Antique Brass $40.00 Out of Stock
Black / 1.5” / Gun Metal $40.00 2 in stock
Dark Brown / 1” / Antique Brass $40.00 2 in stock
Dark Brown / 1.5” / Antique Brass $40.00 1 in stock
Dark Brown / 1.5” / Gun Metal $40.00 1 in stock

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