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Custom spun, at a local family owned fiber mill near Primrose Yarns, and dyed in house in Primrose’s studio, ROAN DK is an unprecedented blend of American Superwash Merino (White) and Domestic Non Superwash Merino (Brown/Black).  The precise percentage of the fiber blend creates a yarn with the best qualities and traits of both fiber types, and none of the worst. It will not grow overtime once blocked, it is suitable for next to skin wear, while still offering the grip for colorwork and steeking, it is a plump 3 ply that is excellent for cable knitting, it takes color like a dream, and it is a non pilling yarn with the proper care.  

Custom blended and spun in York, PA.

60% American Superwash Merino

40% Domestic Non Superwash merino

210m/230 yards on a 100gram skein

3ply DK

Please note: The yarn is hand dyed. There are no dye lots and skeins may vary. The yarn colour you receive may look different than the colour pictured. 


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Ash $40.00 2 in stock
Cerulean $40.00 10 in stock
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True Calm $40.00 8 in stock
Devotion $40.00 7 in stock
Oasis $40.00 4 in stock
Cerignola $40.00 7 in stock
Gimlet $40.00 5 in stock
Peridot $40.00 8 in stock
Lisbon $40.00 3 in stock
Smitten $40.00 8 in stock
Charmed $40.00 6 in stock
Divine $40.00 9 in stock
Moxie $40.00 8 in stock
Desire $40.00 6 in stock
Mid-Summer $40.00 5 in stock
Beautiful Ambition $40.00 2 in stock
Romance $40.00 4 in stock
Serenity $40.00 25 in stock
Passion $40.00 13 in stock
Flirt $40.00 7 in stock
Zodiac $40.00 14 in stock
Soot $40.00 15 in stock
Envy $40.00 11 in stock
Twilight $40.00 14 in stock
Omen $40.00 6 in stock
Deadly Nightshade $40.00 7 in stock
Midnight $40.00 6 in stock
Wanderlust $40.00 7 in stock
Rosewood $40.00 5 in stock

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