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Shawl Ball

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This is our first single-ply fingering yarn, and our first yarn in a luscious, lovely 100% merino. It has an against-the-skin softness for neckwear and perfectly complements our single-ply worsted and sport offerings. 
Then there’s the feel-good manufacturing: this is a true cruelty-free merino, grown and spun in the United States to our particular specifications.

Though exceptional stitch-definition has long been a hallmark of our single-ply yarns, the loftiness of this Merino Fingering is particularly versatile, lending itself to be stitched up in a variety of gauges without losing definition or drape.

Our unique dye process also results in a very slight felting which creates a wonderfully pill-resistant fabric. Voracious Freia fans will be perhaps most excited by the upgraded yardage. These 100 gram “Shawl Balls” measure 430 yards, perfect for single-skein projects.


100% US Cruelty-Free Merino

393m/430 yards on a 100 gram

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