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We have developed 6 "Theme Packs" - each including 10 Smalls that coordinate perfectly and are meant to be used together for a color "melting" effect.

We picked the name Theme Packs because 1) we are in Winter Haven, Florida, home to Legoland and really close to other popular theme parks like Disney World, Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and a million more. It's a little wink to our stomping grounds and 2) the colors in the pack all suite a "theme" rather than perfectly fading or highly contrasting. 

Each Theme Pack Includes 10 Practically Perfect Smalls

(810 total yards fingering weight)

80% Superwash Merino / 20% Nylon 

Blooming Bougainvillea $92.50 1 in stock
Call Me a Cab(ana) $92.50 1 in stock
Cliff Walk $92.50 Out of Stock
On the Vine $92.50 Out of Stock
Sailor’s Delight $92.50 2 in stock
Sweetheart $92.50 Out of Stock

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